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The Methodist Church: A Worldwide Family

Methodism as it is sometimes called began as a result of the Christian ministry of two brothers – Rev’s John and Charles Wesley in 18th Century England. John constantly travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain in order to preach and share his Christian experience with all who would listen. In parish churches and in the open air he declared his faith and invited others to share it. Charles was a poet and a writer of more than nine thousand hymns in which he expressed the glory of the love of God as well as the joy and wonder of being a Christian. They both took every opportunity to speak about the new life of faith that was offered to everyone who is willing to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. They believed with Christians throughout the centuries that human life finds its deepest fulfilment and happiness in a relationship with God. Everyone through trust and faith can experience and be assured of such fulfilment in their own lives. Everyone has within themselves the potential for change and renewal by the love of God.
The name Methodist came from the fact that when they were university students at Oxford John and Charles Wesley together with their fellow students were very methodical about their lives as Christians. They said their prayers and involved themselves in helping others with precise organisation and extremely careful use of time. As a result of their great diligence they earned the nickname of the Methodicals or the Methodists. The name stuck and for more than two hundred years the Methodist Church has sought to live out its beliefs by providing opportunities for worship and through its caring ministries in cities, towns and villages throughout the country and beyond. Methodism in the U.K. has about 6000 churches and some 300,000 members. Worldwide the growing Methodist family now numbers more than 70 million and is proud to be a fully committed member of the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland as well as the international World Council of Churches. The Methodist Church has always been renowned for the warmth of its welcome, love of singing and social concern. Why not visit us and see for yourself ?

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